Hulk UK Premiere on ET Thursday!

Entertainment Tonight says it will feature the UK premiere for The Hulk on the program tonight...
'Hulk' Premieres in Grrrr-eat Britain!

July 03, 2003
'The Hulk' bounces his way over the pond for the U.K. premiere of the mean, green movie Thursday night -- and ET is there! Watch the show tonight for all the red carpet action in Leicester Square.

Several days ago, some of Hollywood's biggest stars came out to welcome the Marvel Comics monster at the Universal Studios L.A. premiere. Director ANG LEE, original Hulk LOU FERRIGNO, new Hulk ERIC BANA, who took a break from shooting 'Troy' with BRAD PITT, and NICK NOLTE showed up for the green gala -- while their very pregnant co-star JENNIFER CONNELLY had to rest up for her upcoming delivery and skipped the night out.

'Black Hawk Down' star Bana stars as Dr. Bruce Banner in the film, while the Hulk himself is a CGI product of Industrial Light & Magic. Nolte plays Banner's father, SAM ELLIOTT is General "Thunderbolt" Ross, and OscarĀ® winner Connelly is Betty Ross, a scientist who helps Banner unleash his inner greenie.

The shirt-shredding story revolves around the good Dr. Banner, who gets exposed to some scary "gamma rays" which transform him into a mean, green, muscle machine when he gets angry. Everyone wants a piece of the bulky brute, especially the evil General Ross!

Acclaimed 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' director Lee takes the reigns for the first big-screen incarnation of the green giant. Lee has promised to stay true to the comic-book origins of the character and its subversive nature while updating the story to contemporary times.

Also starring JOSH LUCAS ('Sweet Home Alabama') and BROOKE LANGTON ("Melrose Place"), keep an eye out for Hulk co-creator STAN LEE and original TV Hulk Ferrigno in cameos!
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