Brandon Routh To Reboot Superman?

An online posting suggests that the young Superman Returns star may get to keep the cape.
Brandon Routh has had meetings with Warner Bros to discuss the next Superman movie, DC Comics president Paul Levitz reportedly told Latino Review's ELI GUTIERREZ.

Ever since Warners this summer announced their intention to "reintroduce" the Last Son of Krypton and effectively ignore Bryan Singer's Superman Returns continuity, fans and industry wags have speculated about Routh's job security as guardian of the S shield.

Superman Homepage's STEVE YOUNIS admitted that the rumored meetings suggest that Routh is "still in the mix" for the franchise reboot, but he also cautioned fans to keep in mind that nothing at all has been confirmed about the next flick.

"The truth of the matter is that the way Mr. Levitz made it seem is that they love Brandon as Clark Kent and that he's just a great guy," wrote Younis.

Most posters on the SHP Comments board appear to support Routh's continued employment, whether Superman returns or gets re-red-booted.
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