Official STAR TREK Pics Released

Entertainment Weekly has published new images from J.J. Abrams' Star Trek reboot movie.

Paramount Pictures finally signed off on these photos, which include some slick shots of the young Enterprise crew.

As you can see in the selections we've posted, the costumes are pretty close to those worn by the classic series cast--except, oddly enough, for that of Chris Pine's Kirk--but the ship's bridge is noticeably altered.

Other cast members pictured: Zachary Quinto as Spock, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, Simon Pegg as Scotty, Karl Urban as McCoy, John Cho as Sulu, and Zoe Saldana as Uhura.

Additional pics, featuring villain Nero (Eric Bana) and screenshots of the opening starship sequence, can be found in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, which also features a Trek cover.

Star Trek opens May 9, 2009.
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