Actor/writer Kevin Grevioux reprises the role of werewolf henchman Raze for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, the prequel installment of the film series he initiated.
Kevin Grevioux: Basically, this third installment is the origin of the war between the vampire and lycan races. We hinted at it in the first Underworld movie with the backstory of Lucian and Sonja. Here, we see what actually led up to her tragic death and Lucian’s hatred for Viktor and his kind.

All of the main characters you have seen in the series before are back: Viktor, Lucian, Tanis and Raze. But now we get to see Sonja, Lucian’s true love whose death started it all. And Sonja is beautifully played by Rhona Mitra. She brought a real energy and integrity to the role that really jumps off the screen. She is an excellent addition to the mythos.

NEWSARAMA: Why the decision to go into flashback for this story?

KG: Looking at Underworld Evolution, it was really a kind of closing of a chapter that ended with Selene becoming something more than a vampire. So going back to the impetus for the entire war in this film was only natural.

NRAMA: Of course in the film, you're back as Raze. What do you get to do this time, and why did you decide to resurrect your character through the miracle of flashback?

KG: You see the beginning of Raze’s story as he enters the world of the conflict – who and what he was before he became Lucian’s immortal lieutenant. Once again, it was only natural to bring back Raze, since we are doing a prequel.

NRAMA: And now, a complete fanboy question – what's it like to work with Bill Nighy?

KG: Bill is a consummate professional. He’s the senior member of the cast, so everyone pretty much looks at him as a kind of mentor/father figure. I learned a lot from him by talking to him and just watching him work.

NRAMA: Do you have plans for future Underworld films, and if so, can you talk about them at this time?

KG: There are plans, but you are correct, I can’t speak about them at this point. I am writing an Underworld miniseries for IDW, so I will be able to do different stories in the Underworld universe.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is in theaters now.
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