WALL-E Creator Updates Progress of JOHN CARTER OF MARS

Ain't It Cool News has reported a few more details about writer/director Andrew Stanton's upcoming live-action Disney movie John Carter of Mars.
Stanton added that the style of the movie is going to be very real, not highly stylized. Since Star Wars and a glut of science fiction and fantasy films have ripped off giant portions of John Carter over the years, the only option Stanton sees is doing a straight, realistic version of the story.

Stanton reiterated that he wants to avoid 3-D but thinks that Disney might want to push him toward it.

Stanton is on the second draft of a script and will begin casting soon.

The film is based on the early-20th-century Barsoom series of books by Burroughs, the California author of the Tarzan series. It centers on a Civil War veteran who finds himself transported to the Red Planet and caught up in various battles and intrigues involving giant green creatures and an alluring princess. John Carter of Mars is slated for release sometime in 2012.
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