Dakota Fanning Would Turn Evil With The NEW MOON

Dakota Fanning confirmed that she's in talks for the Twilight sequel New Moon, and that she's eager to play someone bad.
"I hope that it does work out," Fanning said in a group interview on Jan. 30th in Los Angeles, where she was promoting Coraline. "It's not 100 percent for sure. I can't say it's for sure yet. It would be really cool if it does work out. I'm a big fan."

Fanning, who would play Jane, one of the aristocratic Volturi vampires from Italy, said, "I think it would be really cool to be something different than I've ever been before. I mean, a vampire, it's really neat. The character I would be playing is kind of evil and mean, so it would be a fun opportunity."

The contracts aren't inked just yet, but Fanning again confirmed that they are continuing to talk about the project.

New Moon is slated to begin filming in the next few weeks for a Nov. 20 release.
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