Rumor: Wachowski Brothers To Helm Superman Reboot Trilogy

Though it was obvious to any fan who saw the final fight scene of The Matrix Revolutions, Warner Bros has taken a bit longer getting to this point.
Ain't It Cool News has received word that director Bryan Singer "has refused to undertake a reboot of the Superman franchise," moving the executives at WB to approach the Wachowski Brothers about directing a Superman film trilogy.

[Director James] McTeigue confirmed that PLASTIC MAN was the next project in the pipeline for the Wachowski's and he had been signed on to provide Second Unit support. Says the movie has been delayed indefinitely due to a major shake up of projects at WB.

He stated the Wachowski Brothers...are currently reviewing their options as it's like being asked to take the final play in a superbowl final. Says if they do agree, he will likely either succumb to providing second unit support on the movie or will champion the directorship of PLASTIC MAN - He started to giggle as he stated it's like a young child for the Brothers and they wont give that up easily.

Says, the very thought of the brothers making a Superman movie is unbelievable as they have grown up in the world of comic books and they would be ideal for the project.

Please keep in mind that this is, as yet, an unconfirmed rumor.

[Thanks to Superman Homepage's STEVE YOUNIS.]
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