Music Video Director Digs His Claws Into ELM STREET

Platinum Dunes and New Line Cinema have tapped Samuel Bayer to direct their reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street.
VMA award-winner Bayer is best-known work for commercials and music videos, including Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and Blind Melon's video for "No Rain," featuring the famous girl in a bumblebee costume.

The Michael Bay-run Platinum Dunes have been among those seeking Bayer, with producers feeling strongly that he is the man to give their film a fresh visual look.

Next up for New Line and Platinum Dunes is the casting of Freddy Krueger. Robert Englund, who played Krueger in the franchise's original go-round, will not reprise his role.

Unlike other reboots of classic horror franchises, which synthesize plotlines from several films, this one, insiders said, will feature a strong element of the first picture, in which Krueger famously began haunting teenagers' dreams, attacking them violently in their subconscious in ways that resulted in their real-life deaths.

Wesley Strick, who was previously behind such chill fests as Cape Fear and Arachnophobia has been announced to write.
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