The co-star and the director of Torchwood: Children of Earth teased fans at the New York Comic Con with hints of what's to come in the abbreviated third season.
The recent Con's Torchwood panel, featuring series regular Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper), was hosted by USA Today blogger Whitney Matheson. "When I was asked to moderate this panel, I was so thrilled, I was so pumped, but the burning question on my mind is when is Captain Jack coming back? It’s been so long!"

Doctor Who's sexy spin-off is returning to BBC America sometime in 2009, in the form of the five-part miniseries Torchwood: Children of Earth. But, to the vocal disappointment of the many fans at the NYCC, it was not announced exactly when.

However, director Euros Lyn, also on the panel, promised that Children of Earth would be a "big, epic story" full of action, adventure and surprises. "By the end, you’ll be holding onto your seats. It’s grand."

Myles added that the story "goes at a hundred miles an hour," and joked that she got to fly through the air holding "not one, but two guns" during several action sequences.

Lyn also said the truncated season, "a brand new tale" that does not pick up immediately where the 13-episode second season left off, actually allowed the creators room to tell a more elaborate story and better develop the characters' relationships.

Now that he knows the extent of the Torchwood Institute and Gwen’s job there, her husband Rhys (actor Kai Owen) will have a much bigger, more integral role, Myles said, noting that an interesting dramatic relationship develops between Rhys and Captain Jack (John Barrowman) when Rhys begins accompanying them on adventures.

When the panel took audience questions, a fan asked what percentage of the new season would be action and what percentage would be "action" (read "hook-ups").

"It’s a cheeky program and it’s always going to be sexy," Myles answered obliquely.

Will the shorter season mean better production values?

"We’re making five hours, which sort of lessens the production period," Lyn replied. "I’m hoping that you’ll see something that’s even more excellent than before."

A fan wanted to know, "What are the odds of no one dying" during the third season?

"99 to one," Lyn said. "I won’t tell you which way."

How many times will Captain Jack die in the new season?

After counting on her fingers, and appearing to lose track, Myles said, "A couple."

Lyn added, "One of the most interesting things about a character who can’t die is death isn’t the worst thing that can happen to him," and that in the new season, Captain Jack would definitely find out how bad things can get.

[Original report by DAVID MORAN.]
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