Bana, Schamus talk "Hulk 2"

Reviews of the Hulk movie have been mixed, but with it taking in a cool $63 million at the box office, you know the biggest amount of talk is going to be about a sequel. Already, Marvel producing honcho Avi Arad has James Schamus working on a screenplay t
With a $63 million dollar opening weekend, it's no surprise that everyone's talking "SEQUEL!" for "The Hulk."

USA Today reports that Hulk producer Avi Arad already has the film's screenwriter/producer, James Schamus, working hard on "Hulk 2." Schamus says his script further delves into Bruce Banner's epic struggle with his inner demons, resulting in the emergence of an evil, gray-hued Hulk. Shamus says he's toying with the idea of incorporating two possible villains: The Leader (described by Lee as "a giant-head brainiac") and The Abomination ("a big ugly guy the same size as the Hulk").

Eric Bana says that they'll probably do another one, although he hasn't really thought about it. He tells The Chicago Sun-Times: "I guess we will do one. It might sound silly, but I really haven't thought about it. It's hard to think Hulk when you're in the middle of 'The Iliad.' "
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