"The Hangover" Review - Think "Memento" Meets "Bachelor Party"

"The Hangover" Review - Think "Memento" Meets "Bachelor Party"<img src="http://view.atdmt.com/HBO/view/144216947/direct/01/" width="1" height="1" />
When I first saw trailers for "The Hangover," I figured it was just another crude comedy directed at horny teens and immature males looking for cheap laughs. Boy was I wrong. In fact, the "R" rating on this film is actually mainly in the end credits. But hold on, lets start at the beginning...
For me, that began with a delicious dinner at Chili's, where I enjoyed some southwestern egg-rolls and the new fire-grilled quesadillas. After my date and I were satisfied for less than what the stale movie pop-corn and a drink would've cost at the theater, we headed to the local movie house.

First, to get a better gist of what this movie is about, think a combination of "Bachelor Party" and "Memento" and then you'll have a basis upon which to understand what is behind the funniest movie this year is about. Yes, I said it. The FUNNIEST movie of the year.

While the story IS about 4 guys going to Vegas for a Bachelor party, that is only the set-up. The movie is actually about finding out what happened after the guys wake up in their trashed hotel room with no memories of the night before. Obviously, SOME wild shit went down because there is a tiger in the bathroom, a baby in the closet, one guy has a hospital bracelet on, another is missing a front tooth, and the groom is nowhere to be found. Oh yeah, and the last guy has no pants. Of course, that isn't unusual since he has already been pantless in several scenes prior.

It seems that prior to going out the night before, while toasting their soon to be married friend, someone had put rufies (the date rape drug) into their yeagermeister. As anyone who has been date raped knows, that drug causes memory loss, and it did its job. Now the 3 friends have to figure out what happened. Needless to say, hilarity ensues as they retrace their steps and try to find their friend.

I don't want to give anything away, so I'll tell you that the mystery only gets partially pieced together during the movie, and as it comes to the end where they are just barely able to get to the wedding in time, as they are all sitting together after the festivities one of the guys finds his digital camera as the end credits start to roll. The pics on the camera explain everything and that is where your sides will hurt due to the workout they've been given throughout the movie.

This movie is a must see if you like comedies. But like I said, you'll wonder why its an "R" until the end credits start rolling--where it makes up for its lack of visual naughtiness. Other than the "F-word" and one scene with a breast feeding baby, you could probably take the kiddies to this as long as you got up and left before the end credits. But trust me, you'll want to leave little jimmy at home so you can see exactly what happened to them during their wild bachelor party in Vegas.

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