Tentacle Secrets Revealed - More Doc Ock Scoop!

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Exclusive SPIDER-MAN 2 scoop!
SCOOP: Secrets revealed about Doc Ock and his tentacles!
Now that we've seen the Doctor, find out what else you can expect to see in the sequel!

Dateline: Tuesday, July 22, 2003

As we first reported to you back on July 9, thanks to one of our inside sources we were the first to tell you that the new supervillain we'll see in SPIDER-MAN 2, Doctor Octopus, would make his public debut at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. That's exactly what happened, with Sony Pictures presenting the character in a teaser poster image. The studio also showed a brief clip of the Doctor's tentacles in action for the first time and the carnage they can inflict upon those in the immediate vicinity.

Now that same super SPIDER scooper has returned once more to hook us up with more inside information. There are new secrets to share about what kind of powers Doc Ock will have and how cool he'll look in the sequel. Believe me, once you read what our spy has to say the wait until SM2 opening day will seem that much further away.

Perhaps the most intriguing item that our source had to reveal concerns Doctor Octopus' mechanical tentacles. As you can see from the poster image, they've been accidentally fused to Octavius' spine and can't be removed for a good reason: they don't want to be removed.

Unlike the character's comic book counterpart, Doctor Octopus' tentacles each have a different function and are able to do different things. You can see a hint of this if you look very closely at the ends of each of the tentacles; the ends appear similar but have minor differences from each other. "The four claws are not identical...for very cool reasons," writes our source. And listening to what Marvel Studios' Avi Arad had to say at the SPIDER-MAN 2 panel on Saturday, they might also each have their own distinct personality! Now we're really excited to see these babies in full action against Spidey!

"Each of the tentacles has the underside painted yellow like a snake belly," our source goes on to say. "The yellow is a bright 'police line' kind of yellow. It really makes the tentacles look like serious machinery." Again, if you look closely at the teaser image Sony provided us you'll be able to indeed see a yellow stripe running down one side of each tentacle.

Also hinted at in the teaser poster is a clue as to where Spidey and Doc Ock will go at each other in the picture. If you look at the full-size image supplied at the top of this page, you will see Octavius standing on the top of a structure. And if you look very closely at the bottom, you'll be able to see the top of what appears to be a roman numeral. That's because Octopus is perched at the top of a clock tower, a very important location for a major action sequence in SPIDER-MAN 2. That's where Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus go at it web to claw!

In the comic book Doctor Octopus had a hairstyle that makes him look like one of the Beatles during the 60s. He also wore thick circular glasses that whited out his eyes, giving him more of a menacing look. For the movie translation Raimi's tried to keep Ock's look as close as he can without losing points for fashion disasters; thus, the movie version of Doc Ock has bangs and wears shades to obscure his eyes. Instead of a white labcoat, the movie Octopus wears a green trenchcoat.

Our mysterious source promises more treats for us at a future time. Now that Sony has given us a look at the bad guy and our friendly pal has told us what we can expect to see when Doc Ock is in action, waiting until July 2, 2004 seems like a long time indeed.
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