1st Annual Las Vegas Comic-Con!

If you're going through Comic-Con withdrawals and fall into a deep depression every year when it ends, have we got some good news! We've just received word that there will be another Comic-Con happening at the end of October! Click the link above for the
This year we are holding a spectacular multimedia event that Las Vegas has been waiting for. The first annual Las Vegas Comic Con promises to be the Halloween hit at the newly constructed Mandalay Convention Center. From October 31st to November 2nd the Convention promises non-stop thrills beginning with a huge Halloween masquerade party with headliner band. Vendors such as Sony Playstation 2 are sponsoring prizes for categories such as the "best video game costume".

Our purpose is twofold for this convention. The first is to rebuild the comic and art industry. We have invited several professionals from different fields ranging from publishers to sketch artists. We feel that a proper representation of animation tools, archives, writers, artists, and schools will give people the proper direction and stir excitement in these fields again.

Our second purpose is to increase the literacy rate in America by pulling together a collection of authors, and printers together in every genre, in association with the local media to make our attendees aware of the variety of material that is available from comics to graphic novels to keep up knowledge as well as increase vocabulary.

We have also included the Diamond Retailer's Summit in our show to attract new business for vendors and retailers alike to promote networking and new business ventures.

The event is sponsored by CGC (Comics Guaranty LLC)and Ebay, as well as the Mandalay Bay Resorts and Casino. The casino is prepared to do whatever it takes to guarantee attendees and exposure to all exhibitors. ADV films and Funimation have signed on as well as Wizard, Marvel, Sony, and Score Entertainment. Please feel free to take a look at the website information (www.lasvegascomiccon.com) and let me know how we can get you involved as an exhibitor or attendee.


More to follow (confirmed Guests)

Brian Michael Bendis
Steven Niles
Brian Pullido
Butch Guice
Jim Cheung
Derrick Robertson

Some of the Major Exhibitors Signed

Sony Playstation2
Hurricane Entertainment
Neko Press
Slave Labor Graphics
Heritage Auction House
Silent Devil Publishing
Dark Horse
My Thingee.com
Harley Yee Rare Comics
Best Comics Distribution
0 Yes
0 No
Las Vegas Comic-Con