Which Two Dead Characters Will Return For Lost Season 6?

Which Two Dead Characters Will Return For <i>Lost</i> Season 6?
Come on in to find out which two of the deceased passengers of Oceanic 815 are heading back to the island later this year...
Harold Perrineau has revealed that is character Michael Dawson will return to the show to make a heartfelt apology. Back in season 2, he shot and killed both Ana Lucia and Libby as he attempted to get his son back from The Others.

Speaking to TV Guide, Perrineau said of his return, "I did get to apologise. Every time I did it, it was really emotional. There was something really nice about it. It's not just apologising to her, but to Hurley as well."

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"That's what he's been trying to do since he came back originally. That's what Michael has been doing since the Ana Lucia-Libby episode - trying to find some redemption."

Cynthia Watros (Libby) has been confirmed as a season six returnee, but Michelle Rodriguez will not be reprising her role as Ana Lucia.
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