Check Out Centurion Trailer

Check Out <i>Centurion</i> Trailer
The latest sword and sandals movie has found a U.S. distributor.
Here is the synopsis from MovieWeb:

Boasting savagely violent battle scenes and an adrenaline fueled chase through the breathtaking Scottish highlands, Centurion is set during the war between Roman soldiers and Pict tribesmen during the 2nd century Roman conquest of Britain. Fassbender stars as Quintus Dias, Roman centurion and son of a legendary gladiator who leads a group of soldiers on a raid of a Pict camp to rescue a captured general (West). The son of the Pict leader is murdered during the raid, and the Romans find themselves hunted by a seemingly unstoppable group of the Pict’s most vicious and skilled warriors, led by a beautiful and deadly tracker (Kurylenko), who are hell bent on revenge.

Centurion was picked up by Magnolia Pictures for U.S. distribution. Director Neil Marshall had this to say about the announcement:

"I'm incredibly happy that Centurion has found a home of such quality and prestige, and amongst such high caliber company too! I look forward to collaborating with Tom and everyone at Magnolia on the forthcoming US release. If history is written in blood, then Centurion is hardcore history - bloody and brutal!"
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