Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson to Team Up as Hitmen?

Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson to Team Up as Hitmen?
After Lost's final season, we may just see Locke and Ben partner up once again on the small screen...
According to TVGuide.Com, Lost star Terry O'Quinn is planning a new series and has clear outlines of characters and stories for it. Envisioning it as a TNT-style show, O'Quinn told the site that the show would once again pair him up with his Lost co-star Michael Emerson, with the two of them playing suburban hit men juggling family issues.

While he didnt reveal any more than that, O'Quinn did say that he's spoken to Lost co-creator J.J. Abrams about it. He also made it clear that he's passionate about making the project a reality, "I really hope this works out because Michael would be in his prime in this. We'd play kind of awkward partners."

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In response to the idea, Emerson said, "It's very sweet of him. I'm all in favor of it. Any reason to work with Terry again."

I dont know about you guys but I'd love to see this happen! Have your say in the usual place!
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