Doctor Who US Premiere Date Revealed!

<i>Doctor Who</i> US Premiere Date Revealed!
It's almost time to travel with the new Doctor, as BBC America announces the fifth season of Doctor Who's debut...
Although the new season will still have a gap between when it is aired in the UK and US, the time has now grown much smaller as American Doctor Who fans will no longer have to wait months for new episodes! This time, there will only be a two week gap between the episodes debuting in the UK and then on BBC America meaning that the first episode, "The Eleventh Hour" will air on APRIL 17th!

Season 5 of the sci-fi drama sees Steven Moffat take over as lead writer with episode 2 confirmed as, "The Beast Below", written by Moffat and "Victory of the Daleks" by Mark Gatiss.

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Matt Smith takes over as The Doctor, joined by his new companion, Amy Pond (Karen Gillan).
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