With Warner Bros./DC Green Lantern in 2011, should Marvel compete with their cosmic hero, Nova?

With Warner Bros./DC Green Lantern in 2011, should Marvel compete with their cosmic hero, Nova?
Marvel may be prepping their Initiative for the Avengers in 2012 with a diverse ensemble of characters ranging from fantasy, historical, and (possible) current technology (Ironman), but will they eventually counteract the move by DC's intergalactic hero, Green Lantern.
Marvel Studios has had many great accomplishments in premiering their b-list and a-list characters. Films such as Ironman, Blade, and Spiderman have influenced the ongoing trend of the Heroic Age appearing on the big screens. The coming years hold high expectations for comic book fans especially with the upcoming superhero extravaganza, Avengers. DC is Marvel's only competitor in both the comic and film industry. Superman and Batman are the only holders of DC's flag currently, but that will change in 2011 with Martin Campbell's Green Lantern. However, Marvel has Thor holding their flag at the same date. Once again, Marvel and DC will exchange a flurry of punches to see who deserves the throne of the box office kingdom.

Captain America and Ironman will help boost Marvel's market, but there is still the doubt that some people keep in mind and that is if Captain America will be any good. There has been many disappointing updates on Cap's casting thus far and some fans have questioned on whether the director is up to the task. If Cap fails to satisfy the fans, then the Avengers will be at risk. Thor seems to look like a complete success even when it has not released yet. This is due to the wonderful director, Kenneth Branagh, and his oscar worthy cast. Marvel is undoubtedly taking aggressive action towards the competition from DC. Avengers will contain mixed elements from fantasy, science fiction, history, and modern mythology. Marvel may seem to have everything covered, but they are missing one element that DC will present to theaters by 2011, the cosmos.

The Green Lantern will be the first ever superhero to travel across the universe and to other galaxies fighting off intergalactic crime and war. The film has the potential in becoming a spectacular franchise with the likes of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings, but beyond middle earth. Marvel may want to keep a close eye on GL and challenge such a genre. Marvel has their cosmic heroes as well such as Silver Surfer, The Inhumans, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and Nova aka. Richard Rider.

Green Lantern is currently one of the leading comic titles in the comic book industry being placed in the top ten. It has remained in the top ten throughout 2009 and still in 2010. It has been in first place before. Nova may not be in the top ten, twenty or fifty, but it is in the top 100 out of the thousands or millions of comics being published. Marvel's cosmic hero is not as popular as DC emerald knight, but the story has great quality and almost equal to GL's fantastic experience.

Nova's story is very engaging and entertaining. It has great potential to be Marvel's next box-office success. Marvel's pact with Disney should effect Nova's possible premiere to the public. If Marvel and Disney want to introduce more B-List heroes to the public, Nova is the right direction to start.

Nova aka. Richard Rider's origin begins with him as a student at the fictional Harry S. Truman High School in Hempstead, New York, is chosen at random by the alien Rhomann Dey, last surviving Nova Centurion of the planet Xandar's elite Nova Corps, to inherit his power and succeed him in the rank of Nova Prime following the destruction of his world by the intergalactic pirate Zorr. Having been mortally wounded in the battle that tore Xandar apart, Dey succeeds in tracking Zorr to Earth, but is unable to exact vengeance due to the extent of his injuries. At death's door, Dey has little choice but to transfer his power to an unsuspecting human on the planet below, praying that whomever he finds will take up his cause.

Sounds like Green Lantern aka. Hal Jordan's origin but they are different none the less.

The Green Lantern Corps is an awesome police force, so is the Nova Corps.

Other cosmic characters, especially the Silver Surfur, whom is the popular vote from fans to have a film adaptation of his own, can premiere along side Nova in his film.

Nova fighting Silver Surfur with Galactus gazing in the background would look astonishing on the big screen. Nova and Surfur's dynamic duo would be amazing.
Annihilation Conquest can be Nova's main event and the beacon for emerging sequels while Green Lantern will have the Sinestro Corps War.

Nova and the Green Lantern could become the new intergalactic iconic heroes of the decade. Not only that, but the special effects could very well surpass that of James Cameron's Avatar.
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