Spider-Man Movie wins at Wizard World Comic-Con

Friday night at the Wizard World Fan Awards in Chicago the Spider-Man movie won the "Biggest TV/Movie Event for 2002". Plus, attendees got to see an acceptance by Sam Raimi, who did some schtick with Doc Ock's tentacles.
"I can confirm the report of the Sam Rami footage shown at Wizard World this last weekend. I attended the Wizard World Fan Awards Friday night and Spider-Man did in fact win the "Biggest TV/Movie Event for 2002". Joe Quesada was getting ready to come up on stage to accept the award on behalf of Marvel when he was stopped and the lights went down to show a tapped message of Sam accepting the fan award. He dropped the award at one point to laughs in the audience then talked about all the hard work being put into Spider-Man 2 and hoping the fans will enjoy what they are producing when suddenly off camera to the left one of Doc Ocks HUGH tentacles came in and closed around Sams neck! The screen then went black and the lights came back up. The crowd cheered loudly and drew massive applause."
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