24 could make a network switch

24 could make a network switch
T.V. show 24 may survive afterall, but may have to move networks to do so.
There has been lots of talk and speculation lately that this may be the last season of 24. However, the folks at entertainment weekly have some sources that say Jack's long days may not be done yet.........

.....Multiple sources confirm to me exclusively that 20th Century Fox has approached NBC about picking up the series should Fox opt to cancel it — and the Peacock is considering it. “There’s definitely some interest,” says an insider close to the talks. A move to NBC — while still considered somewhat of a long shot given the hefty price tag — would likely delay 20th’s plans to launch a Jack Bauer film franchise. From a production standpoint, 24 execs have long maintained that it would be next to impossible to make a movie while the series was still on the air. Reps for 20th and NBC declined to comment.

This would be a surprise, but not unprecedented. Shows swap networks all the time, sometimes successfully (JAG), sometimes not so much (Scrubs). 24 is one of my favorite shows and I would certainly be fine if it stayed around, but they shouldn't try and squuuuueeeeeezzzzzeeeee one more season out of it, which might suffer creatively if it switches networks, just for some quick ratings. I would certainly prefer it to end and go with a serious of movies if that were the case.......Thoughts?

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