Doctor Gaius Baltar moving to Eureka

Doctor Gaius Baltar moving to Eureka
James Callis exchanges one doctor for another.
The folks over at Entertainment Weekly have reported that James Callis, best known for his role as everybody's favorite cylon collaborator Doctor Gaius Baltar on Battlestar Galactica, is joining the cast of another Syfy channel show. Callis will be joining the cast of Eureka, a Syfy channel show about a town populated by brilliant scientist who work on all manners of strange experiments. Callis will play another doctor (hope he doesnt get typecasted as doctors) who is a former resident of the town, "who's return causes alarm."

Eureka is heading into its fourth season, which is scheduled to start early in the summer.

This is good news. Eureka is a really good show and this would be a great addition to the cast. Cant wait for it to start again.

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