Scary Movie 3 Scraps Hulk Bit

We won't be seeing a Hulk spoof in the upcoming "Scary Movie 3" as was previously reported. Apparently it was "too lame, or revolting". Hmmm, now I'm interested in seeing it! Maybe it will make the DVD? Click the link for more from Th
Update on Those Scary Movie 3 Reshoots Source: Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Dimension Films' anticipated spoof comedy Scary Movie 3 was recently pushed back a few weeks from Oct. 3 to Oct. 24. Reshoots were also underway, but according to this bit from 'Alex', it's not the cause of the delay. Here's the latest on the date change and reshoots...

Anna Faris' website has just reported that the reshoots Scary Movie 3 is undergoing now are not responsible for the release date change. There have been test screenings for the film in certain US/Canadian cinemas, and there have been complaints about a few of the scenes. These scenes are being reshot. One includes a 'Hulk' spoof, which was apparently too 'lame' and 'revolting' for the end of the film. The film has changed its release date so it will not have to face Jack Blacks' "School of Rock' at the Box Office. The movie is apparently between 88-95 minutes long.

It'll be interesting to see what the ending will be instead, sounds like a "Hulk" alternate ending might be on the DVD?
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