"Goblin's Last Stand" Re-released to Web Audiences

An ancient but popular fan film "The Goblin's Last Stand" is now available for download on the web. It's a gas, so take a look. Visit the link for the download and screenshots.
Dan Poole's - Spider-Man: The Green Goblin's Last Stand

This film is the brain child of Dan Poole a man that had a vision. That vision was to create a Spider-Man film that he felt was true to the comic. In my eye's he did just that. Last September (2002) Dan Poole gave me sole permission to re-release Spider-Man: The Green Goblin's Last Stand. In a higher resolution net version. I finally got around to doing just that. The past year I have been busy with personal projects. The wait is now finally over. This is the highest resolution version you will find anywhere on the web (no pun intended). I have also provided an extra never before seen clip of Spidey fighting a few other deadly villans. Worth the wait ? I would have to say absolutely !

Life is never simple for our favorite wall-crawlling hero, but it's about to get a lot more complicated. When Norman Osborn returns unexpectedly from the rehabilitation clinic, his sinister alter ego threatens too come back as well. With his spider-sense set on overdrive, Peter Parker races to keep Osborn at ease before his anxiety propels him into Spider-Man's deadliest foe... The Green Goblin.

The Production:
Produced in Baltimore for under $500 in 1992, and intended as a demo-reel for then Spider-Man director James Cameron. The Green Goblin's Last Stand soon became much more than just a demo-reel, one of the many talents this project exhibits is Dan Poole's ability to get the absolute most out of available resources. Shot and edited on standard VHS, shooting over a 14 month span and weeks of editing to bring the climatic showdown of Spider-Man & the Green Goblin to the screen. For more information please visit Dan Poole's web site: Alpha Dog Productions.

Visit the link for the download and screenshots.

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