Punisher Movie Spoilers Leaked by Extra

A Tampa newspaper called "In the Loop" interviewed a Punisher movie extra about the film and the article contains some good spoilers...
Extra Talks Details About 'Punisher'

There's money falling from office windows in Tampa ... well, just one office window. But it is $50 million. Too bad it's just a movie.

Panela Glass of Tampa recently worked as an extra for "The Punisher," which is in production right now on-site in Tampa. She shared some of her on-set experiences with a local newspaper, In The Loop, and said that rain dampened a lot of filming that day.

"Well, of course they had a big rainstorm that afternoon," Glass told Carole Dickey. "So they sent vans to come and take us back to the bank where they were filming. When we stepped down on the floor, I kid you not, we were almost up to our knees in water. It just came in a torrent. So they weren't used to that, and we all made a joke about it."

While the paper didn't identify the "bank," reports have that the money is being dropped out of what is being dubbed as the Saints Holdings Building, owned by John Travolta's character of Howard Saint. SyFy Portal has learned that the building being used is the AmSouth building in downtown Tampa (story).

That scene entailed Glass and others grabbing at money that was falling from the top floor of a bank. However, the scene was cut short when it started to lightning.

Most of the extras are responsible for their own costumes, Glass said. Her particular group was asked to bring four business suits.

Glass did state that she was told by the production crew that only 250 extras would be used for the movie, out of more than 6,000 who applied. However, reports from the casting director states that nearly 2,000 extras will be used during the course of filming.
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