Stana Katic Talks "Castle"

Stana Katic Talks "Castle"
In an interview with Ontario's Sudbury Star, actress Stana Katic answered a few questions about Castle and her character on the series, Detective Kate Beckett.
"We've been able to explore her softer side," Stana said of the approach in the second season. "We had a really fun episode to shoot a couple of weeks ago, episode 13, where she has to deal with her mom. I got an opportunity to play with the character of her father. It was really great just to explore other sides of her. She has to be a certain way in the precinct, when she's dealing with criminals especially. She has a definite modus operandi for going after criminals. But when she's at home, and she's dealing with her father, and she's dealing with her friends and stuff, she can shed some of that."

Castle, which just got renewed by ABC for a third season of 22 episodes, airs Mondays at 10PM.
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