"Anchorman" Sequel Is Dead

"Anchorman" Sequel Is Dead
Despite all of the actors taking salary cuts to make the film happen, it appears that it's dead in the water.
Up until recently, it seemed like a sequel to the Will Ferrell flick "Anchorman" was a sure thing. The director, Adam McKay even said that Paramount was pretty close to giving the sequel the green light, and why not? All the actors involved in the first film were so eager to return to their roles that they had all decided to cut their own salaries to make it a reality. So it would seem to be a sure thing, right? Until McKay updated his Twitter account with this status:

"So bummed. Paramount basically passed on Anchorman 2. Even after we cut our budget down. We tried."

The first movie grossed $90 million in worldwide ticket sales. Personally, I'm in the minority that doesn't think this movie needs a sequel. It ended up being much more popular as a DVD that everyone likes to quote than it ever was in theaters, and some films should just be left alone. Could you imagine Napolean Dynamite having a sequel? Either way though, looks like the cast won't be coming back together.

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