Interview with Colin Farrell

Colin Farrel was recently interviewed by "Latino Review". While the majority of it is about another movie "The Recruit", he did have a few lines to say about playing Bullseye in the DD movie.
Latino Review: DareDevil experience, what has surprised you?

Colin: I don't know what surprised me. It was another job, it was another set. I don't know what surprised you.

Latino Review: Who do you play?

Colin: I play a character called Bullseye. I don't know what that means, but it was good fun. It was a case of check your subtlety in at the door and try and have as best a time as you can doing it. It's a comic book. It's very much a comic book character so he's not restricted by the realms of reality at all. I seem to spend the whole thing just growling and it was a case of the costume makes the man.

Latino Review How do you hold your own with Michael Clarke Duncan?

Colin: He's a big [frick]ing man. Jesus, he's a big man. You sit down, for a start. You don't stand next to him. Michael's great. He was great fun and how do you hold your own? I don't know, you just do your [frick]ing job. Try and do your job.

Latino Review: What about the makeup on your forehead?

Colin: That took only 10 minutes every morning. It was a gelatin. They had printed out gelatin molds, bullseyes they just glued to my forehead.

Latino Review Fight choreography?

Colin: Yeah, Cheung-Yan Yuen, the master. He was doing it and not a word of English. You'd have his translator. He does all the wirework, so we did quite a bit of wirework and he choreographed all the fights and helped…he's great. He's a genius. It was quite fun to do. It was quite fun to see that aspect of it. A lot of waiting around though.

Were you worried about spandex?

Colin: I don't know if I would've done it if I'd had to wear blue tights all over my body for the two months. They did me a favor. Mark kinda wanted to make it more rock n' roll-y, so he did me a big favor because I would've been dead in those tights.

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