Do u find the philosophy of Star Trek appealling?

Do u find the philosophy of Star Trek appealling?
This isn't just for Trekkies/Trekkers. For all for a better tomorrow!
Ask yourself what makes Star Trek so appealing? Eugene Roddenberry explores his father’s past to understand the MAN that people call a “VISIONARY”! He comes to know his father better after his death & all his fathers faults. He has interviewed big names like George Lucas, Stan Lee, Dennis Rodman, Rick Berman & many others. This isn’t the typical Trekkies documentary that has been done twice. This goes all out to take a look @ all aspects of Star Trek & its appeal. The best way I can describe Star Trek is as follows: “Gene Roddenberry took Dr. King’s I have a Dream Speech & made it believable. “Inspired humanity to believe in a better future.” A future where poverty, disease, hunger, intolerance no longer exist. It's possible and I truly believe in this. No distribution date yet.

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