No, that's not the title of the new Batman movie. Actually, it's a roundup of insider information in response to Thursday, September 11th's announcement of Christian Bale as the new Batman. What does his casting mean for Batman:Year One, Batman vs. Superm
Like a domino effect, the announcement of Christian Bale as Batman in the forthcoming Warner Brother's/Christopher Nolan flick has now set in motion other projects just waiting to take off provided Batman: Intimidation Game(the presumed working title), is successful. Garth Franklin's Dark Horizons ( received some excellent insider news regarding the fate of Batman: Year One, Batman vs. Superman, Superman: Last Son of Krypton and more.

"Batman/Superman: Well its been a while but just hours after the announcement of Christian Bale as Batman, 'The Turncoat' returns with more stuff on both projects: "I suppose you've heard by now that Christian Bale is WB's new Bat. They've been eyeing him for a long time. I hear that Josh Jackson was also looking good too, apparently they might use him if Year One ever gets off the ground which all has to do with the success of this one. Batman vs Superman is also back on the cards too, but again, depending on the sucess of Bat 5. Bale's contract apparently says he's got to do a sequel and B vs S. They're casting the villain at the moment, and they're looking for a Farrell-Sandler-Sly size marquee name for that one. Superman's also showing signs of happening soon too, Matthew Bomer's been in and out of the lot, and there's talk they might be testing Josh Jackson because he did a good Batman audition. They're currently scouting locations, and trying to get Selma Blair out of another film so she can do this apparently. McG is definitely directing despite the rumours."
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