Punisher Shooting Update - WARNING SPOILERS

Local scoopers have sent SHH the inside poop on the whereabouts of the current Punisher movie shooting schedule. The Punisher looks to be shooting...

"...yesterday they were filming at a old burger place in Tampa. I was told it looks like a ol
What's Filming for The Punisher Today? - Update #2! Source: XIII Tuesday, September 16, 2003

'XIII' has another update on where Artisan's The Punisher looks to be shooting (includes some spoilers)...

Today I found out that yesterday they were filming at a old burger place in Tampa. I was told it looks like a old dinner. And I heard today on the radio that 2 people from the MJ morning show will be filming a club sceen today and tomorrow. One of them is Dave the dwarf and the other is a radio guy named Fester. I didn't hear where filming is but I heard today's filming starts a 2:30 pm and starts tomorrow at 6am.

Keep your eyes out Tampa fans, you might get a glimpse of the filming.

UPDATE #1: 'Jet Jaguar' just sent this in...

I just drove past the large cemetery on MLK and 50th St. in Tampa. There's a huge setup filming there today. Frank visiting his wife and kid's graves?

UPDATE #2: And 'Guy With a Gun' also has an update...

The Dinner scene was yesterday. I lucky enough to be on set at the dinner and saw Thomas Jane, John Pinnette, Rebecca Romjin-Stamos and Ben Foster. Thomas Jane looks the part with his dyed hair.

Also, MTV News' Iann Robinson was on the set also interviewing John, Thomas (sitting on the GTO), Ben and Rebecca.

Also, overheard Ari Arad talking about Diesel being the Russian :)
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