More Punisher Shooting News and Updates

Loyal locals are sending in Punisher movie shooting scoops. Check the link to see where they're filming today.
We're getting lots of word in from Tampa on where The Punisher is filming. First up is 'Anonymous' (spoilers ahead!)...

I was asked to be an extra in the "Grand Opening of an exclusive nightclub" for The Punisher. I'll be there next Tuesday and Wednesday in downtown Tampa. This is the Howard Saint character's nightclub - so I assume Travolta will be on set. I was warned when auditioning: Bring a camera - get fired. Not going to take the risk - should be fun!

Then scooper 'jayathena' told us that the movie is filming in Downtown today. Florida Avenue between Tyler and Laurel street is expected to be closed until 4 pm, then through 2 am Nebraska Avenue between Twiggs and Cass street will be closed for continued filming as well.

'preciousasgold' also has more on this morning...

Well, this morning they were filming a scene at the Goody Goody Burger Place on Florida with the Punisher's car peeling out of the parking lot. It took several times before they got up enough speed to peel out.

Thanks for the heads up guys!
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