Travolta Pics from Punisher Set - SPOILER WARNING

British fansite sent in to SHH the first pictures of John Travolta as v
First Look at John Travolta on The Punisher Set!! Source: James

'James' from fansite sent us the first pictures of John Travolta as villain Howard Saint on the set of The Punisher. What follows is considered spoiler material, so only proceed if you want to find out movie details.

I run the Punisher website,, and received the below email and attached photos from a worker at a golf course (I am presuming it's The Claw at SFU, but don't know for sure). There are some pretty good shots of Travolta on the phone. From 'MW'...

James, yes, the scenes that you will see shot on the course will be where JT (John Travolta) walks up the face of the green and answers his phone and sees a tombstone in the middle of the green, and another where he is taking a couple of lousy tee shots to the green. There were a couple of filler shots taken but I don't know how they are placed in the movie. I'm sending you also a close as I could get shot of JT in the scene described above.
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