'Contempt for the Czars of Fashion?'

There's a line in Batman Returns where The Penguin tries to guess what he and Catwoman might have in common. After one or two tries, he replies: "Contempt for the czars of fashion?" Little did he know how prescient those comments would be in 2004. On that note....

DarkHorizons.com has an insider by the name of "Turncoat" that most websites would kill for. Turncoat has betrayed Warner Brothers many times, so it won't suprise you to know he's filed yet another secret report today, this time leaking details about the ridiculous Catwoman costume whose image was released to the media days after filming began. Turncoat also confirms the Scott Speedman rumor regarding Superman 5. Read on...

From DarkHorizons.com:

'Turncoat' is back yet again with more on two of Warners superhero films in development: "You've probably seen the Catwoman costume. I'm told that the first pic released was a shot from the near end of the film, and throughout most of the film Halle will look more like the Michelle Pfieffer version. The costume will be upgraded as they say. You might also want to know that Halle might be trying to get out of the sequel clause....hmmm". What about the man of steel? "Superman is no closer to production but apparently every agent in town is sending in their recuits for a look in. Scott Speedman, who was on the WB's Felicity, is slowly becoming a favourite. He's been in a couple of times, and his "Underworld" gig might have him got him through the front door. The studio wants someone who'll attract young gals, so maybe he's it? Changes from week to week though".
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