Dr.Octopus to Schill for Dr Pepper in Spider-Man 2 Movie

Dr Pepper announced plans to increase its growth with a new marketing plan backed by "ample" resources, the soft drink company announced Tuesday. More....
Dr Pepper plans to increase its growth with a new marketing plan backed by "ample" resources, the soft drink giant said.

Next year's increased marketing support includes four new television commercials for Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper that debut in January. Diet Dr Pepper, which broke into the top 10 list of soft drinks in 2002, will run a campaign dubbed "Diet Riot" that includes sampling, coupons, print ads, tie-ins with Dr Pepper programs and displays.

In addition, a push will get underway for the brands to reach Hispanic consumers, including commercials filmed in English and Spanish that highlight well-known Latin recording artists Patricia Manterola and Ana Gabriel. Additional emphasis will also be placed on regions in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. Keep an eye out for innovative packaging in 2004 and a new graphic design in 2005.

"We are testing a new, football-shaped bottle in a portion of the southeast, which fits in well with our collegiate football conference promotions during the fall months," said Jim Trebilcock, senior VP consumer marketing for Dr. Pepper, in a statement.

In development and testing phases are short term "in and out" products that will be introduced to "stimulate consumer buzz for the brand," Trebilcock said.

The company promises a "banner" year for national promotions to heighten retailer and consumer excitement for the products. One winter effort features a chance for a consumer to pay off their mortgage up to $200,000 in the Dr. Pepper "Bring It Home" sweepstakes. In the summer, Dr Pepper renews its 2002 Spider-Man tie-in with a Spider-Man 2 tie-in. The tie-in features product placement in the movie, which opens July 2, 2004, and a multi-million dollar ad effort. By fall 2004, Dr. Pepper plays on its relationships with collegiate football conferences.

The company unveiled its plans at an annual bottler meeting held in Las Vegas Oct. 3.

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