Hottie Halle as Catwoman - Best Pics Yet!!!

halle berry as catwoman What a scoop! A lo
What a scoop! A loyal reader of Superhero Hype has gifted them with two exclusive pictures of Halle Berry as Catwoman. Well, exclusive until we saw them, huh? Now, we've posted them here for all our readers. Check them out. The kitty is in fine form. The movie slinks into theaters on July 30, 2004...

The Warner Bros. film, which also stars Sharon Stone, Benjamin Bratt and Lambert Wilson, crawls into theaters on July 30, 2004. Halle plays Patience Price, a mild mannered graphic artist, who is murdered in order to keep her silent about an accidental discovery she made. An ancient myth is played out, when an Egyptian Mao cat, indebted to Patience for saving her it's own life, breathes life back into the young woman. Patience is reborn with an independent attitude, carefree behavior and the heightened senses of a cat. Now she must investigate the circumstances behind her murder and learn to accept both parts of herself.

Check out the two images by clicking the thumbnails below!
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