Producer Confirms - X3 is Definite!

X-Men movies producer Lauren Shuler Donner, probably the best authority yet, has confirmed to The Chicago Sun-Times that there will "DEFINATELY" be an X3 movie. Now all we have to do is wait... (sign) patience!
X MARKS ANOTHER SPOT: While we have Donner on the hot seat, two things come to mind. First, what about another "X- Men" movie? She reveals, "Oh, there will definitely be 'X 3' We're looking for a great story. We're lucky with this series because there is 40 years of great stories in the comics." She also is encouraged by the fact that despite originally saying she was "X'd" out, Halle Berry is reconsidering resuming her role as Storm. "I hope Halle comes back," Donner says. "We just have to give her something great to do." As for a release date, she says, "That same nice May date in 2005 sounds good to me."
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