Spider-Man 2 Novelization Completed!

Famed writer of comics, books, and movies Peter David has announced on his personal website that he has completed the novelization of Spider-Man 2. Peter also wrote the first Spider-Man movie novelization so it should be good. Click on the link to see wha
Monday, November 3, 2003

Just turned in the manuscript for the novelization of "Spider-Man 2: In Arm's Way." Which isn't actually the title, but it kind of amuses me. Got delayed by last minute script changes. However, unlike previous occasions on other novelizations where 11th Hour alterations came in, these were all improvements. Several lengthy and frankly painful speeches went away, and the climactic Spidey/Doc Ock face-off plays far more smoothly. So although they took time to do, it's the sort of changes I really don't mind making.

By the way, for those of you who have seen the Spidey II teaser posters and either couldn't tell or didn't notice it, that's Doc Ock reflected in the eyepiece of Spidey's mask.
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