The Men Who Would Be Superman

As actors Matthew Bomer and Brendan Fraser move on with their careers while Superman:Lost Son of Krypton languishes in "development hell", they continue to get questioned about the movie. And they continue to give answers. Kind of.
As actors Brendan Fraser and Matthew Bomer move on with their careers while Superman: Lost Son of Krypton languishes in "development hell", they still continue to get asked questions about the movie. Of the two actors who could use a hit right now, Fraser is the one in most need. With Looney Tunes: Back in Action tanking at the box office, his best chance of avoiding The Mummy 3 is to secure work as Superman.

While promoting Looney Tunes on Carson Daily's show, Carson asked Fraser if he was still being considered for Superman "Hey, it's The man of steel, who doesn't want to be Superman?" Guess he didn't chat with Paul Walker before doing this interview. Daily also asked if the movie was even happening and Fraser responded, "There have been script problems and director problems and on and on and on." In other words, he doesn't know.

The other lead contender for the role, Matthew Bomer, managed to escape the indignity of appearing on the soap opera The Guiding Light, and land work on the FOX-TV drama "Tru Calling". He recently told TV Guide that he's still interested...

TV GUIDE:You were this close to playing the role of Superman in the new movie series. What happened?
BOMER:The director [Brett Ratner] who wanted me in the role was taken off the project, so there's a lot we don't know, and that's just the way it is sometimes.

TV GUIDE: It's too bad. I showed my mother a picture of you, and she thought you'd be a perfect Superman. Would you do it if the offer came around again?
BOMER: Are you kidding me? Absolutely. I'm still interested in playing the role. We have to get your mother in there!

At this point his mother would be a preferrable choice to produce this movie rather than Jon Peters. CAN we get his mother in there?
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