Battle of the Studio Stars

It was the Blades versus the Hallecats at GM Place last weekend as cast and crew of both Blade:Trinity and Catwoman, both filming in Vancouver, British Columbia, faced off on the ice rink. And unlike Halle Berry, it wasn't pretty.
It was the Blades versus the Hallecats at GM Place last weekend.

The production crew of Blade 3 (Blade: Trinity) apparently faxed over a
hockey challenge to Catwoman a few weeks ago, resulting in a showdown last

Wesley Snipes and Parker Posey were on hand for the icy activities -- the
game was preceded by a "family day" skate -- but neither star donned blades.
Several other Blade actors, producers and execs attended, although the
Catwoman crew was pretty much just that -- crew. No Halle Berry.

Staffers were allowed to buy team jerseys with their chosen numbers on them,
with a chunk of the proceeds going to charity. Nice gestures all around.

For the record, the Blades beat the Hallecats . . . handily.

So, is Berry avoiding Snipes? That's a good bet. The pair had a short but
tumultuous relationship circa 1990 when both were starring in Spike Lee's
Jungle Fever. (Actually Snipes was the star, Berry played a lesser-billed
crackhead, one of her first movie roles.)

They were even on a Movieline Top 10 list of "Stars Who Can't Stand to be in
the Same Room Together" just two years ago, so chances are that still holds,
even when the room is an arena. They almost ended up at the same
Halloween party at the Vancouver Aquarium in October. Berry's people called
to say she'd be attending but then Snipes arrived unannounced. Berry was a
subsequent no-show. Hmmmm.

Berry, who admits to a trainwreck of a love life, has said in interviews
that she's had boyfriends who cheated on her, abused her (one hit her so
hard she went deaf), stalked her and sent her dead snakes in the mail.
She's never said if Snipes is among that motley crew. (But jeez, not even
the same arena?)
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