CAST INTERVIEWS: Alien vs. Predator visited the Prague set of long awaited Sci-Horror movie Alien's vs. Predator last month and will be featuring behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and crew as well as focusing on the history of this long awaited clash! Check out PT.1 here
Alien vs. Predator Part I: Title Bout

In this corner, with four films, two video games, and 23 comic book titles and still counting -- the scariest monster to come out of 70s sci-fi, the disgrace from space, the Fox franchise: ALIEN.

And in this corner, with two film titles two his credit, three video games and 15 comic book titles and counting -- the first alien (but not the last) to challenge a California governor and lose, the other Fox franchise: PREDATOR.

These two extra-terrestrial combatants are scheduled to meet in a celestial grudge match this coming August at a theatre near you, in what Fox is hoping will be another windfall in the trend of pitting great movie monsters against each other.

Like those that when before them: Dracula vs. Frankenstein, King Kong vs. Godzilla, Freddie vs. Jason; Alien v. Predator or AVP, has a mixture of both high optimism and skepticism from the public at large. And with rumors now surfacing with ever frequency about "MAJOR problems with creatures" that are "all painted silver" and "Paul Anderson seriously considering replacing a lot of what was built with CGI," (all of which are untrue, but I'll get to that later), 20th Century Fox graciously arranged an onset visit for fourteen internet and print media to tour the sets, interview the cast and crew, and watch the filming of several key sequences...

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