Hulk 2 Will Offer More Action

Never fear, true believer. The Hulk movie franchise will continue – with more action, and less desert flora.
Despite a disappointing box office and somewhat overly harsh professional criticism for the first film, the Hulk movie franchise will continue, according to Marvel Studios exec Kevin Feige.

"I think The Hulk is extremely important to Marvel, obviously, one of the biggest and most
well-known characters and I think he'll have a future on the screen," Feige told Comics Continuum.
"And I think most likely that future will be a sequel at Universal.

"We've got a meeting in the next week or two with a very talented writer who's come up with a
version that is interesting. We're anxious about it, and think there are amazing stories to come
with Bruce Banner," Feige said.

"We explored a lot of very important core elements about the Hulk's character and Bruce
Banner's character in that first movie, elements that are key from the comic and elements that,
whether people realize it or not, came directly out of the comic," Feige said.
"But I think with the sequel we'll explore other elements of his character from the comics that
people love and remember. We want to continue to take it very seriously and continue to follow
his inner psyche, but at the same time allow us in the audience to have a little more fun, a little
more action, a little more of the 'Hulk smash.'"
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