Daredevil DVD — Almost a Whole New Movie?

What can fans expect from the R-rated Daredevil 1.5?
The director’s cut Daredevil movie DVD will be a "whole new experience," according to Marvel Studios exec Kevin Feige.

There’ll be many new scenes and it will be rated R, he told Comics Continuum. Look for it this spring.

"I hope the people who loved the first one will love this one even more," Feige said. "And I think
who the people who had other opinions will be won over by this new version.

"Moreso than many director's cuts that you'll see, it's really a different experience. Not only are
there other subplots and things in it, there are turns in his character, darker turns, and more
interesting turns that he takes in this version."

There’s new commentary by writer/director Mark Steven Johnson and producer Avi Arad. But although Elektra is on its way, Ben Affleck has said he’s very reluctant to return to the crimson cowl. Will the franchise go on without the erstwhile lost half of the Bennifer combination? "There are many more stories to be told with old Hornhead and we'd love to tell them someday,"
Feige said. "Right now, all of our efforts are on Elektra's solo adventure."
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