Halle Injured on Catwoman Movie Set

Did a black cat cross Halle Berry’s path on Catwoman movie set?
Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry seems to have bad luck on movie sets. After injuring her arm filming last year’s Gothika, now the Cleveland hometown hottie has reportedly been hit by a boom on the set of Catwoman in Vancouver, B.C.

Berry was rushed to St. Paul’s hospital but was released soon after, said Hollywood North Report.

Meanwhile, the official Halle Berry fan Web site visited the set and reported back: "Catwoman is hot to death!!!! Oh my God!!! The scenes I have watched left me and the crew
clapping at the end. The action is awesome and Halle is working it -- just working it out!!! You will not
believe the stuff she does. She is in the best shape of her life and impressing both me and the crew with
her ability."

The site promises Berry will be providing more photos and an on-site journal soon.
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