ARGONAUT developing Catwoman title for EA

Videogame publisher hoping that Halle's whip-cracking antics can dethrone Lara Croft...
UK developer Argonaut has been revealed to be working on a game based on Warner Bros' forthcoming summer action movie Catwoman for publisher Electronic Arts, with work on the title already well progressed.

The game is being produced under the auspices of EA's UK studio, and with a launch apparently scheduled alongside the movie towards the end of July, production is well underway at Argonaut's headquarters in North London.

This is the first time that Argonaut has collaborated with Electronic Arts since the developer created the hugely successful PSone version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for the publisher.

The news tops off a hugely successful few months for the company, which enjoyed significant critical acclaim over Christmas for both SWAT: GST and I-Ninja, with the latter title being based on the company's own intellectual property, while new publishing deals were recently signed for two titles, Malice and PowerDrome.

Sources within EA suggest that the company regards Catwoman as a major summer title, with the potential for the eponymous lead character - played by Oscar-winner Halle Berry in the movie - to usurp Lara Croft in popularity with both male and female audiences as a strong female lead.
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