Ron Perlman Conjures Up Hellboy Chat

Tough guy actor Ron Perlman tells how Hellboy plans to compete with all of the other comic book films on the market.
Hellboy star Ron Perlman is confident his film, based on the Dark Horse comic, will compare very favorably with other comic book film projects being released this year. "Everything is about execution," he told "First you have to have a decent script. The more dimensional the script is, the more dynamic it has, the better chance you have of making a great film. And then you have a filmmaker like Guillermo del Toro who is, I truly believe, in a class by himself. The deck is stacked in our favor, I believe."

Perlman put a lot of himself into the role. "I broke a rib jumping onto a train that was coming towards me," he told Sci Fi Wire about the shoot in Prague. "It was going about 45 [mph]. I do [stunts whenever] somebody says, 'This is safe, Ron, I think you can do this.'"

Hellboy premieres April 2.
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