Preacher Film Script Review Online

The Preacher movie may be mired in Purgatory but there’s a sneak peek at a supposed script now online. Check it out, brother...
Warning: Spoilers

The Preacher movie, starring X-Men’s James Marsden, may be getting off on the wrong foot, according to a script review provided to Ain’t It Cool News.

"The problem is that the tone, so carefully modulated between American Gothic/black comedy/action movie in the comic is all over the place. So much so that there are quite a few moments any filmmaker would give their left leg to avoid: the unintentional laugh. When Cassidy is first revealed as a vampire (after 30 pages of clues any mouth-breather could decipher), is comes off as...well, silly. When the Duke's ghost shows up to give Jesse advice, it's a ‘What the F***?’ moment instead of the awe-inspiring American Myth from the comic."

Read the whole review, right here.
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