New Blade 3 Photo, Goyer Interview

Check out Wesley Snipes staking out his territory in Blade: Trinity. A new photo and interview with director/writer David Goyer is inside.
This new photo of Wesley Snipes as vampire hunter supreme Blade in Blade: Trinity accompanies a new Vancouver Province interview with director/writer David Goyer.

"It was quite a long haul," says Goyer of the 18-week shoot, "but you know, I had a really great
experience. I was just going to write and produce. Before (producer) Lynn Harris suggested that I direct, it never occurred to me," he adds. "But I immediately put on my director's hat and said, 'Well, let's see how the script turns out.'

"As expected, there's a lot of action. We had a lot of big stunts, more than the other films. We blew things up, smashed a lot of cars. We blew up, smashed and shattered $170,000 [US] in glass alone," Goyer says. "The big surprise for me was that it turned out quite funny, it has quite a bit of comedy. That's why I decided to cast a lot of people that had improvisational backgrounds or comedic backgrounds."
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