Kevin Smith To Write/Direct Green Hornet

The Black Beauty will roar again as the Green Hornet film project gets revived under the helmship of Kevin Smith.
Film director and comic fan Kevin Smith will write and direct The Green Hornet, a feature film based on the classic costumed adventurer with more than 60 years of history in radio, movie serials, TV and comics.

Miramax wants Smith to take on the famous George Trendle character who was crusading newspaper publisher Britt Reid by day and the Green Hornet at night. Infiltrating the underworld as one of their own with the aid of his martial arts master/chauffeur Kato (played in the 1960s TV series by Bruce Lee), the Green Hornet secretly worked with the city D.A. to smash crime. They drove around in the Black Beauty, a tricked out Cadillac reminiscent of the Batmobile.

"Long-time comics geek gets to make comic book movie? This is a dream come true. I'm still reeling!,” Smith said. “I couldn't have asked for a better vote of confidence in me as a filmmaker than being afforded the opportunity with 'Hornet' to push beyond the boundaries of what I've done in film thus far." Adding, "And making this movie with Miramax means that not only will we deliver an exciting, chop-socky-filled action flick, but it's gonna have a compelling story, believable characters, and great dialogue to boot! Let's roll, Kato!"

Does this mean long-time Smith pal and Daredevil star Ben Affleck will drop his self-imposed exile from superhero films? How about Jet Li as Kato?
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