Superman Movie Grounded Or Not?

Reports that crew has been walking off the set of the upcoming Superman movie has the Internet buzzing that the project may be on hold—again!
Conflicting Internet reports indicate the Superman movie is either on hold or moving ahead on schedule depending on who you believe. The Superman-V Web site reports that Production Designer Owen Paterson is still attached to the project, which is supposed to begin shooting in Australia soon, despite rumors that he had quit.

However, the site also says J.J. Abrams’ screenplay is being rewritten and new crew hired. Director McG and producer Jon Peters still aren’t officially confirming the Charlie’s Angels helmer is on board, however.

Meanwhile, comic writer Mark Millar says McG does not want to be involved, singer/actress Beyonce has not been cast as Lois Lane and “the movie is already something like 50 mill in debt because of all the false-starts. It's a HUGE problem because they want big stars, big effects and a big budget and this would push you to the 250, 300 million mark,” Millar wrote.

Don’t expect to see the Man of Steel on the silver screen before 2007 by which time there may be two Batman movies already done, he said.
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