Punisher Movie Foe: ‘The Russian’ Speaks

Pro wrestler/actor Kevin Nash is talking about giving Thomas Jane a good whuppin’ in the upcoming Punisher movie.
Kevin Nash says he’s always wanted to be in a Marvel movie since he branched off from wrestling into acting.

He plays the Russian, a super-tough goon hired by Howard Saint (John Travolta), to deal with the Punisher (Thomas Jane) in the upcoming film. “He's a nemesis. He's sent to kill Castle, and it's a pretty good little fight scene. I'm that guy in the red-and-white shirt. I got my hair all chopped off for it,” Nash told Comics Continuum.

The role is a dream come true for Nash, who had two issues of his own comic book once. “I really wanted to do this. I've been wanted to do something with Marvel for a while. I've been a huge comic-book fan since I was a kid,” he said. Captain America is the role he most wanted to play on film, adding ” I was never a DC comic book fan. I was always into Marvels.”
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